Open-access database of antibodies against human proteins developed through collaboration between Antibodypedia AB and the Nature Publishing Group. It aims to provide the scientific community and antibody distributors alike with information on the effectiveness of specific antibodies in specific applications--to help scientists select the right antibody for the right application.
Antibodypedia's mission is to promote the functional understanding of the human proteome and expedite analysis of potential biomarkers discovered through clinical efforts. To this end, they have developed an open-access, curated, searchable database containing annotated and scored affinity reagents to aid users in selecting antibodies tailored to specific biological and biomedical assays.
They envisage Antibodypedia as a virtual repository of validated antibodies against all human, and ultimately most model-organism, proteins. Such a tool will be exploitable to identify affinity reagents to document protein expression patterns in normal and pathological states and to purify proteins alone and in complex for structural and functional analyses. They hope to promote characterization of the roles and interplay of proteins and complexes in human health and disease.
They encourage commercial providers to submit information regarding their inventory of antibodies with links to quality control data. Independent users can submit their own application-specific experimental data using standard validation criteria (supportive or non-supportive) developed with the assistance of an international advisory board recruited from academic research institutions. Users can also comment on specific antibodies without submitting validation data.

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Antibodypedia AB, Resource:Nature Publishing Group, EU, (6th framework - ProteomeBinders), Resource:Human Antibody Initiative, Resource:HUPO - Human Proteome Organisation
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